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Basic pvp equipment

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Hi, I'm new to the game and the forum too :$
I have a very big doubt, soon I will have to face the pvp while I keep going up in level, do you give us some basic equipment to defend us while we quest on the map or will I have to die until I get bored equipped with a pve equipment? A friend of mine plays with me and she is already level 68 and doesn't have any pvp equipment :( he can't defend himself in any way.... she is frustrated and so am I. 

If they don't give us any set, how can I get a basic pvp kit without leaving me months on it or dying of boredom? help please...:(

PS: Sorry for my English terrible hahahahaha

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Try looking through this thread for some advice:


In short summary, yes, you're pretty much screwed trying to do any kind of leveling in the open world maps and have been for a while, which is why you're going to want to become familiar with instances (dungeons), but the ideas in that thread should get you on the path toward PvP gear.

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Why doesn't ncsoft deliver a basic pvp kit for those of us who started out as it did with the pve kit? It's awful to do quest on the map without being able to defend yourself, getting teams these teams takes a long time, too long and while we do? doesn't feel like going light on like this, without pvp equipment and letting them kill us over and over again while we're quest.
I like this game very much, but with the problem of lack of pvp equipment I just got an ironing, that sad :(

Thanks for answering guys, I appreciate the help.

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