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New Host - New Ping


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Woo hoo! I went from 250 to 130 (no ping reduction service) and I am from Southern Europe - Hellas.

I wish I had my RTL service on just to check if it would make a difference!

Post you new ping. I do not know what they did but that made me want to play more!

Edit 1:
I'll test with my friends reduction service, I'll put it now and make the test.

Edit 2:
OMG I have more ping with the ping reduction service now! That thing took me to 200 ping, disabling it takes it back to 130~140~

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3 hours ago, Vantheria-DN said:

Went from 25 to 80 LOOOOOL. It's okay though, still playable.

My ping reduction service was wrong, the one we used we forgot to change the server and it also doesn't have itin virginia (we could use something closer still).

But to have 130 without ping reduction service is a breeze for me.

Where do you play from?

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51 minutes ago, Lapis-DN said:

mine went from 155-160 to 130-135


I know I would finish crucible spire middle with like 1 minute left (since I still play with old pre 7.5 gear) and right now I finished it with 5:30 minutes left, same gear different ping.

For those that say ping doesn't matter to sorcerers, 250 ping means for every action I do I lose like 1/4 of a second, 4 actions later you lost 1 whole second.

And this reminds me of aion EU when my sorc was lethal (old patches were sorc was still the dps class). Man I miss that 15 ping I had there.

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The sweet spot for Online games it seems if ping varies too great from really low to really high for the average player, is around 50ms-80ms. Most netcode operate off those specs, or at least from what I read for FPS like CoD. MMOs it's not as cruical if they have global CDs between skills but Aion is a game that doesn't really have a global CD at all. In my case, when the servers were in Dallas where I live, I was getting 9-12ms pings but had issues with those that had 50+ ping and higher because on my client they would be within 25m for me to cast a skill on but I wasn't able to cast a skill on them still even if I spam it until about 1-2s later when their client updated the server on their position and it relayed it to my client. For PVE it was perfectly fine since the Server dictates where the target is at all times and the server can respond to your requests timely, but for PvP it was annoying af.

Played a bit yesterday and noticed it was noticeably better with trying to get a skill off on a player within range with my ping being now 37-44ms.

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