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Crusible Spire(Middle) not working


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I dont know if it just stopped working after today's long maintenance but no ranks showing or my time for this week ,its at 00:00:00 when finishing run.Everyone else getting this issue?


I just noticed the white text isn't at the bottom showing when Season starts and ends for Arena of Discipline & Crucible as well. Might want to look into this...


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19 hours ago, HavocChordz-KT said:

Check your mail box for rewards. The season ended and a new season has begun

I dont think you understand what I meant with this post. Every week we get crucible award but rank list blank and my time is floor at 00:00:00,I did it right after maintenance so it should have counted! Are we getting our rewards next wednesday for this week? Check the ranks, no name on there.

I want to know if CS is broken this week so I dont waste my time doing it on my toons.......



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