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Aion: Unshackled Fate Known Issues

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47 minutes ago, Rag-DN said:

It's very annoying and really hurts the playerbase, esp new/returning players trying to gear up and gain renown. It's super discouraging. Wouldn't be so bad if it was only for like 15 minutes, for once those NPCs are dead, their gone for a LONG time

I timed it yesterday, and the garrison gets disabled for 2 hours.

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Please keep the siege times.  Due to NA daylight savings time change, sieges were no longer happening at the "regular" time from the last forum survey.  Now it is currently back to the way it used to

The new tutorial quests' text gets cut off at several points (it's not a very good tutorial as a result.) The cutscenes for the episode quest "Cruel Future" have no subtitles- all the text just

"In a future update" It scares me It can be  next week... next year... next patch... next Aion... next life... we never know 

Hello there! Just more feedback Inc:

7.7 is exp marks driven thus please reconsider making the 100% exp permanent or (and that's more returning/new players friendly) make more ways to earn them (event rewards list is a good example - thank you) give us more daily/weekly quests that gives exp marks directly (like Lugbug quest)

Daevaninon skill boxes:

We have several ways to get thoose but add them as well on reward lists in upcoming events and you can "adjust" the shugo spawn in instances, it's always welcomed

Maybe some weekly quest to get 1x


Hidden mobs are great feature, but many ppl camping timed spawns making it almost impossible to get (remove/update the weekly amount purchase in renown NPCs)

Enchantment stones:

Morphing recipes are needed, the way you get ancient/legendary ones is decent (renown, quests, rewards) but w/o morphing option it's like 50% slower to progress - another thing related to exp -> permanent exp buff


Drops in easy/normal (okay easy) instances are way low to get some and normal/hard ones have guarantee drops (wich is good) but for ex. SLNM gives 2-4 ulti boxes for 6man group, one Armor box lootable for whole group + chance on accs box would be more effective.

Weapons are currently dropping from BENM (ulti sovereign ones - outdated) and are 2x boxes for 12man crew, this has to be changed (crafting recipes lootable for all/mats) but considering the collection content you should update that for 1x box lootable by all participants.

Current weapons/WB weapons - this is a dead end for 99% of the playerbase, there has to be some other ways to get them. Quests, chance to drop in HM instances (fragments/pieces that can be assembled) event rewards.

Solar/Lunar/Mysterious Wise - the "fancy" skills weapons we know are somewhere in database, but never really came out to reach us. Again, some quests (fragment/pieces) event rewards, they will be always welcomed within the game.


I have seen ppl asking for them, we still need our pets and mounts. If you guys wanna make money this way fine, but please update/rotate the BCM options or give us more ways to get them (15d ones are not what we had in mind, make it 365d and ppl will buy them) Please, we still need to move around..


Grinding is part of the game but i can't even imagine how hard has to be for new player to reach basic cubics nowadays, bring back the cubic lab or increase drop 5-10 pieces from mobs, this feature is a must and many players just leave when calculating the gap between.


I was expecting to see them around more, since you need to combine them to get the skills you need (and you almost every time won't get the right ones) the fragments for crafting are a good way but amount needed to have at least a chance is a long shot for many players. Add them to rewards/quests for as someone mentioned before, only way to grind for dazzling fragments (1piece) is Red Cellar 100 fragments are required for assembling, you don't wanna grind for months to get the wrong one won't you?

I don't know if you can actually grind for prime runestones fragments, but have seen only 1 chest in Katalam since they arrived and i can imagine ppl waking up in 3:34am to get them as they respawn (there's no guarantee drop anyway) has to be fun..Again please, more quests/reward options here (GST shop would be the easiest)

on both price on broker - market for both dazzling/prime runes are around 1-2bil/piece, halving the price since you need more to get the desired ones is needed


Legendary ones are a base now, i have seen ppl running around with greater ones? Not sure why (the skin/look since i use ancients time to time cuz i like how they look) but anyone w/o legendary with proper stats is disadvantaged greatly in game (1x quest 1/account for reaching 80lvl selectable 10types box should be in game by now)

Ultimates we should be seeing much more ppl around with theese, #x-masspresent, go for it! #atleastlegendaryselectableapostle


Luna crafting was a main income of thoose as many said, that beeing removed we rely on events/BCM brokerable options. Schedule the weekly rotation with more options, i think you missing out a lot of cash in this field, try it out and you will see.


Had to kick, won't lie. Personally fairness in this game is onto players themselves. Bots are easy to detect (they have only few options to profit from, most of the playerbase knows and hit the report button wich is needed to provide feedback for Game support staff! 

Cheaters are easy to track as well since the game mechanics has rules and the math in there has it's limits, frankly, solo play games are for ppl trying out this features to have fun with, there's no point to use them in mmo cuz the only thing as result is disrespect and global shame, we will end up with no ppl in PvP and just a tiny amount of PvE's still trying to beat some goals in here. Accept yourselves guys and stop cheating, it's harmfull.


I wanna thank you! You've managed to read it whole thus i made some effort to put it in here not for myself, bt mostly for support stuff and players. Please feel free to add up any missed things or just + if you agree.

Since the support staff is forbidden to play the game itself, we are the only game experience they have. Wich was/is sometimes very confusing. Lets help them to make it fun for us again.

All the stuff mentioned above are suggestions, not demands👍


 Thank You all! Here's your 🥔

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