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Aion 7.7 Dead Game Update!

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11 hours ago, Euphoria-DN said:

Something that irks me is all the currency we worked long and hard to acquire like stelluian, genesys crystals, blood marks etc are all useless now. Sure you can morph it and get a 10% tea or a abyssal exp crystal for it but that is a joke. The only decent transmutation reward on these currency items is the 30 exp marks and good luck getting that it seems the system is rigged I did over 200 transmutations on various characters accounts and never scored this once. Its like another 0.01% bad RNG joke.


I hvae the same feeling. I tried that many times (not 200, but still many) and never got the 30 marks. That minigame makes you feel like you have 20% chances of each one. They are supposed to be placed in their slots before you choose one. But it is obvious that is just a scam just to make you feel like you have chances. I guess we get the same reward no matter wich slot we choose. 

9 hours ago, Iostcrazyman-KT said:


I think PvP in this game is rubbish here in NA for a multitude of reasons that have been named time and time again in the forums. I don't mind it in Korea but only when I am home there and not in the US for 1 reason and thats sub 10ms. PvE in this game I actually enjoy it because its with friends and as far as the other maintenace things I personally don't mind it as it is a time waster and to me I like the grind its somewhat theraputic to turn my brain of and just grind after long days at work. I much rather do instances with friends but I don't mind the grind probably why I still play/afk BDO regularly.


It was never a PvP vs PvE fight. We used to have both in the past and worked. 

The times with tiamaranta and the hearts, abyss and a lot of fortress, 3 different dredgions (depending on your lvl), arenas, Sarpan and the PvP on nights. 

All of them provided something we needed. So we had to do most of them. Arenas to get some initial gear, fortress and AP to buy the endgame Abyss gear. And usually more than once cause we needed many sets for dif situations. Yet we had funny and fast PvP in Tia and Sarpan. The camp system in Katalam was a great idea and worked so fine (with a new fast PvP gear). 

On PvE we had so many options, farming tokens and coins to buy gear, playing with others to get a set from some instances, farming mats and crafting one or even doing long quest to get the daevanion gear. Fair machanics more related to skills than luck and gear. Some instances were hard, but you knew what you did wrong. 

But the main issue is they never played so they don´t know how the game worked. They made a lot of damage to the nice things trying to solve issues we never had. 7.7 is the proof they never learn what is ok in Aion and what need to be changed. 

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After 6.x destruction, only 6.5 was actually not that bad because progress was made, pve and pvp were separate, you geared for pvp by doing pvp instances, pve was possible, a cubic instances for cubicles. It almost made sense.

How the hell did they go so wrong in 7.x patch I wonder. It is like they are trying hard to find all the ways that the game won't work.

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I'm pretty sure Aion is just a side project at this point. 

When there are problems that actually can be solved, but are just ignored, the only reason to do it like this, is because they have better and more profitable games to care about.

Take, for instance, the auto-hunting system. They removed it. That's cool. But what did they give in return? Nothing.

Stats Cubics, Lumiel's Transmutation System, Events and other stuff that REQUIRES the auto-hunting systems in order work properly, are just left aside.

I don't know if who gives the shots is just really d.umb or likes to troll.

And the more updates, the more problems...

I take long breaks from the game, and when I try to return, it's just worse than before. I only try to play 'cause I miss the people I usually play with, but it's hard to see a game that has a great potential get destroyed like this.

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