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ever since the new 7.7 update the change to experience mark currency greatly hinders new/returning players. Before running all 9 lakrum camps could get someone 18 boxes of ancient enchant stones or allow people to craft 9 deava skills. Now when completing the 9 lakrum camps u can either get 5 ancient enchant stone boxes or craft 1 deava skill. I feel if your going to change the currencies at least change the quest to compensate and make the difference 

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Quest reward for Lakrum level 5 ticket quest

  • 7.5: 50 Genesis Crystals
  • 7.7: 43,750,500 XP

Effort needed to buy 1 Ultimate Weapon/Wings for extraction

  • 7.5: 640 Genesis Crystals + discount ticket
    • 12.8 lvl 5 ticket quests + 35,000,000 XP + ~110k kinah
  • 7.7: 6 XP Mark = 1,050,000,000 XP + ~3.4 M kinah
    • 24 lvl 5 ticket quests

Effort needed to buy ancient enchantment stone box

  • 7.5: 50 Genesis Crystals
    • One lvl 5 ticket quest
  • 7.7: 1 XP Mark = 175,000,000 XP
    • Four lvl 5 ticket quests + ~570k kinah

More xp events pls pls

List of Asmodian repeatable quests

List of Elyos repeatable quests

Note: xp events do not affect quest xp rewards


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