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1 minute ago, Plezurenpain-DN said:

Ah then would you recommend deleting the character & starting over again and picking the cannon from the weapon box and just storing it until 20?

Yes. Do that. Cannon makes the higher damage. You can always get more pistols while leveling.

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Unless you are a very slow player, you should use both weapons to deal a decent damage. Hence, learn to switch weapon continuously during the fight, since both pistols and aethercannon have a quite long cooldown (you could go fully pistols/cannons, but you will be forced to use useless skills while you wait for the CD, so it would lower your dps).

Keep using the pistols, since your first cannon skills will be at level 20 (stigmas, as they told you). At the first chance, pick up a cannon (NPC staff or some loot) and start using both. Maybe you can choose a cannon at lv55. The FTS is so easy now, that a "wrong" choice doesn't mean anything.

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Actually incendiary shell a cannon skill has cd of 4 sec can almost 1 shot a mob in NTC.(I haven't do stigma quest at lv25 feel it's not needed and direct shot pistol skill is enough to kill everything in Haramel already)

But yes switching weapons is needed for gunner if u don't like to switching weapons then gunner isn't really ur class.

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Yep, the gear is quite cheap, since you can just go with MB and MAcc both for PvE and PvP, like a SW. But while they must farm 1 single PvP weapon, gunners must farm 3. This, until they will finally boost again the pistols, that have been nerfed a lot with the 5.0 (you basically use them to stun and refil your mana, as the cannon deals more damage; but it also has generally longer cast time, so more difficult to use it in PvP).

It's still a funny class, though the nerf hammer hit them hard.

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