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Server Merge FAQ - Updated: 9/22


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  • Aion Team

Server merges are scheduled for October 11, 2017. The current timeline for merges is as follows:

  • September 27: Housing auction will be temporarily disabled.
  • October 4: Character creation, Character Name Change, Legion Name Change, Character Server Transfers will be temporarily disabled.
  • October 11: Merges are here. Brace yourself.
  • October 25: Free character transfers resume for a limited period to resolve faction conflicts.
  • Mid November: Character transfers will be disabled and accounts with faction conflicts will have their characters force transferred to the other server.

Q: What will happen to my name?
Unfortunately, all names will be reset. Originally, we anticipated the characters names to take after the server abbreviation, but that is no longer the case. All character will be assigned a temporary name, and all characters will receive a Name Change ticket so their names be can reacquired on a first-come, first-served basis. We will work to mitigate cases of identity theft, so please avoid taking names that you have not used previously and do not take a name from another active player. If you feel a name has been taken from you, support will be handling the requests.

Character Name Change and Legion Name Change tickets will be temporarily unavailable starting on October 4. They will be made available sometime after the merges.

Q: What will happen to my Abyss Rank? 
We understand that there are GP discrepancies between servers, but we will not be resetting GP.

The top 100 ranked players from each server who will lose their rank after server merges will receive the following titles (and item) based on their ranks to use after the server merge.


Q: What happens to my gear that is determined by my Abyss Rank? 
Archdaeva gear is not restricted by rank, but if you lose your rank and are still using Abyss gear level 65 and below, you will not be able to fully utilize that equipment set.

Q: What will happen to my house, mansion, estate, and/or palace? 
The housing auction and bidding will close on September 27. Housing will be reset for all servers. For players who own a house, mansion, estate, and/or palace, you will receive the Kinah price you paid for your home along with three weeks of the maintenance fees. Please do not abuse this system. We will be monitoring this for inflated Kinah gains, and accounts attempting to exploit the system will face action. Housing auctions will be opened again in October.

Q: What will happen to my Legion name? 
Similar to character names, it will be first-come first-served. Brigade Generals will receive a Legion Name Change Ticket to reclaim their Legion name. We will work with Brigade Generals to claim names that were taken. Please do not claim an active legion name that you have not used. We will have a policy on how we will support players on reacquiring their Legion names as we get closer to the merge date.

Q: I have opposing faction characters on the servers that are getting merged. What will happen to them?

Free server transfers are now available for players to transfer characters to avoid faction conflicts. You will be able to transfer from any server to Siel, Israphel, and Tiamat. Transfers to Beritra and Kahrun will not be available. We have temporarily removed the Kinah limitation and increase the GP cutoff to 500,000 so players can move over their higher level or main characters. The level 25 requirement will remain in place regardless.

There is a limit each week on how many characters can queue for a transfer so please plan out in advance how you would like to arrange your characters, and most of all, we ask that you please avoid transferring characters unless it is absolutely necessary to avoid faction conflict.
Character creation and character transfers will be temporarily disabled on October 4 in order to stabilize the character database prior to the merge.

After the merges, players will faction conflicts will be able to continue playing their characters with the conflicts for server weeks. We will shortly resume free character transfers for faction conflicts for a limited time. These transfers will retain the unlimited Kinah, however the GP restriction will be lowered back down to the 7k. Once this transfer period has ended, the remaining active accounts with faction conflict will be force-transferred and the standard character transfer limitations will be implemented. If your characters are force-transferred, we will not be able to honor requests to transfer them, so please make sure you take advantage of the free transfer queues while they are available.

Q: Why are you merging the servers? 
It is important for us to maintain the health of the game, and part of that means ensuring there are enough players on each server so content can be properly enjoyed by everyone.

Q: What should I do now that I know server merges are coming?
Server merges are a big deal and will result in potentially significant changes that may directly and indirectly affect you, but we encourage you to continue to play Aion as normally as possible and keep informed through official sources about what changes are coming. We will continue to add and update the FAQ when we have more information so you can feel comfortable making the best decisions for your characters and experience. 

Do understand that before merges and after merges there will be disruptions to server economy and ranks. As we move past the server merges, we expect the economy and ranks to stabilize.

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Umm.. what?


This doesn't make any sense. You say, "If players do not transfer prior to the merge, we will not be able to assist players who were automatically moved." But then you say, "If you do not resolve the conflict during the grace period, you will be forced to delete characters of the opposite faction you wish to play in order to login."  


Automatically moved using what criteria?


I am seriously hoping you are not saying that we have two choices with characters in conflict.. we PAY you or we DELETE our characters. No other region has done this.


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19 hours ago, Cyan said:

 We will work to mitigate cases of identity theft, so please avoid taking names that you have not used previously and do not take a name from another active player. If you feel a name has been taken from you, support will be handling the requests.

So, theoretical, but possible situation:

Player A has a character on Tiamat named Jane.
Player B has a character on Israphel named Jane.
Player C has characters on Kahrun and Tiamat, both named Janet.

Merge happens.
Player A logs in and changes his JaneTM to Jane.
Player B logs in, finds out Jane is already taken, so he changes the name to Janet, because JaneIS is awful and there was no active Janet on Israphrel pre-merge. (and he doesn't play on other servers, so he doesn't know)
Player C logs in and finds out someone took the name Janet, even though he checked pre-merge and no one except him used it before. So he logs a ticket about identity theft.

How will this ticket be anwered? Will player B be punished for "identity theft" (how?) or will player C be told "sorry, you were late"? Where is the line between "identity theft" and "dealing with name conflict"?

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Community wise

I have made a lot of friends outside of legion will my friends list stay intact and will players names be updated if they choose a new name.

on the other hand I have meet a lot of players who have earned a right to be on my ban list that I do not wish to play this game with ever again.  Will my ban list be merged and will the players names be updated if they change their names.

Storage space

I have a lot of items in my mailbox sent by other people or events do I need to claim them before merger or risk losing the items.

With everyone losing their estates will our storage cabinets stay intact and all items we have for our estates just in house storage?

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  • Aion Team

Okay everyone, we have updated the FAQ to show that news will be coming about how faction conflicts are going to be resolved. In the short amount of time this has been posted there has been a lot of discussion on this and we are going to re-look at options we have to ensure this is done in the most fair way for all. Please stay tuned for the update, which will be announced in the coming days. 

Thank you.

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I have severe doubts you'll budge back to 'free' like you previously announced, but maybe consider an even lower cost?  I'm likely only moving 2-3 chars to consolidate an account, not free up a conflict personally, but I know of a few people that have  3-4 to move, per account with multiple accounts....

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1 minute ago, Vantheria-IS said:

Even just giving one free transfer per account would be helpful. Then if people are trying to be thrifty, they could pick their favorite conflicting toon to save and let the others get deleted. But ZERO free transfers is going to have a lot of people up in arms.


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That would be the most valid reason to cry foul that I've seen in this game in years, and I'd totally support y'all in it.


I understand disallowing free transfers before merges. I get that. And disallowing free transfers post-merge if you don't have any faction conflicts. I get that. Makes perfect sense.

But not allowing free transfers after merge for people with faction conflicts? Letting them choose to move their Elyos/Asmos to the other server to resolve the conflict?

It would be remarkably stupid and disgraceful to force them to delete their characters to resolve the conflict. Every other region has managed to handle this without dropping the ball that hard. NC-W managed to do it back in 2010. Why would that suddenly be impossible now?


I'm glad you all are looking into that. Please don't fail us now.

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now that I could agree with, would it be to hard to actually have your gm's do some actual work just watching for who has what on accounts for say... 48-72 hours, whoever DOES log in to both sides from an account should be sent the freebies, the rest of us can just dump $10-20 US to get our items/kinah in 1 place ;)

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21 hours ago, Cyan said:

 If players do not transfer prior to the merge, we will not be able to assist players who were automatically moved.

^ I read this as, players who have server-conflicted characters post-merge, will be automatically moved (and not forced to be deleted).


I'm glad they are open for revision, but I don't see reason for panic just yet.
It's only normal imo they would not allow free server transfers for everyone. Altho I think it should be:

  • free server transfers for players who will  have conflict before merge to lessen the impact on the day itself
  • 800 ncoin transfer for players who want  to transfer even though they have no conflict (before & after merge)
  • players who have not moved their conflicted characters before  merge, will be auto-moved

And ofcourse, if there's still issues after that - it's something that support can sort out.

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2 minutes ago, Rubyvulpa-SL said:


  • players who have not moved their conflicted characters before  merge, will be auto-moved

oh and this ^ ofcourse like it was mentioned in a previous FAQ, it would be nice if there is a short adjustement period after,
where conflicted characters are still accessible and able to be transferred.

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That was part of my question.. if they are going to auto-move characters in conflict, what is the criteria? "Auto" makes it sound like we won't have a choice, but I doubt any of us wants our main character to end up on the wrong server while an alt we care about but in the opposite faction ends up on the server we wanted to main.


So hoping we have a say in just which conflicted character goes where.

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