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Where is everyone?

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8 minutes ago, Xyalker - DN said:

I just returned to the game after 3 months and.... where da f*** is everyone? The server is empty, Looks like a private and failed server, broker stuffs doesnt sell, ppl doesnt make groups for nothing!! 

How many players are actually playing? 

I hope NC merge KT and DN =( 

7.7 is an utter landfil, they based 7.x patch on 6.x patch which was a disaster but it has its own rules, but 7.x destroyed those rules as well.

the moment they decided to remove the pvp from game and focus on running 1000 times every instance to gear for pvp, that is where the game became stupid.

6.x patch was 1.0~5.8 minus 90% of the game
7.x patch is 6.x minus the pvp aspect of 6.x

Lack of events, worse patches in history of aion, lack of pvp rewards, lack of rewards in general.

And RNG... you have RNG everywhere! Nonoe of what you do is planned, you only make a target effort and then the outcome is nothing but RNG.

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On 5/12/2021 at 10:37 PM, Londonrain-DN said:

Just returned last night, logged into Gelk and there were very few people. I am two years behind so I have no idea what's going on. 

Because we are a few, and DN server isn't what you call "populated"

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