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Tips for Animating Aion


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List of Suggestions for Animating Aion

1- Stop breaking the items. For this is discouraging.
2- Place Morph of new craft items.
3- Place anti-hacker protection.
4- Spread through all the maps, in hidden places, chests with a good amount of kina, potions and scrolls.
5- Do a tutorial in the game, how to craft the new items and where to get the new items to craft. With the option to click on the item name, the map, location and name of the mob or plant that drops the item appears.
6- Create automatic events every 3 hours.
Examples of Events:

"To make a Named appear Andre type, in all maps appears one of his, and whoever finds first and kill, gains reward and it reappears every 5m, until completing 3hrs, then another automatic event begins".

In all the maps you see a pig that runs a lot and you have to run to capture it and do not forget to use the scroll scroll because it is super fast, you have to be able to capture 5 of it, to win the rewards. "

"Enter the enemy Rift and release the 5 npcs that are trapped, be careful that your enemy does not see you, be quick, do not forget to take kisk, free everyone and win the rewards."

"Birds have invaded the maps and are flying everywhere, mate and take their eggs, you must collect 30 eggs to gain the rewards."

These are my suggestions.
You can request suggestions for automatic event players.

7- Take the limit of players to the battle of Sanctum, so that everyone can participate and expel automatically those who stay afk.
8- Place varied items in the game shop, mounts, remodels and remodels based on animes, pets, emotes, emotes of different dances, motion, etc ...
9- Create a server only PVE for those who do not like PVP.
10- Have more interactivity in homes and studios and would like the collecting pets to collect items even while in a group.

That's it, think fondly. = ^ v ^ =


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You got some very nice suggestions.

Breaking gear is VERY discouraging and, even thought now we have a way to 100% with omega, not everything can be enchanted with omega. We still don't have a way to 100% with tempering (and I think we should have).

Those "automatic events" also seem good because Aion has so many maps and most of them feel abandoned once you reach archdaeva, which is such a waste! Also, as still regarding those maps, once you reach archdaeva leveling becomes kind of a pain (you either do the same instance over and over until your fingers bleed, or you do the same rep quests over and over until your fingers bleed) and there are TOO MANY low level quests (the light blue ones) that are just skipped by most players (so, too many quests at unnecessary levels, and too little quests when it's really needed). I would love to see those quests reworked to become Archdaeva quests! (The issue here would be the level of the mobs, and I don't know how it could be countered ~i thought that it could happen something like it is for the Kumuki's event mobs, like, they become the level that the character is; but I guess it's not a good idea~) Because it's genuinely painful to see so many nice quests and instances, so many nice content, just being skipped and left behind.

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I'm just gonna drop my two cents in, since it's maint time anyway.


1. Agreed.

2. Would be nice, but they put a vendor instead.

3. Depending on how this system works, it would be nice. That being said, it would be unfortunate if the system was so strict it rejected trivial things such as the Japanese hit font.

4. Quite a few maps have hidden chests already. Their contents could use a buff, though.

5. I'm not sure what you mean by this. There are many quests that point you in the direction of crafting and such, and the in-game dictionary houses a stupid amount of information. The dictionary is what lets you click on blue highlighted words in dialogue. I don't know how to access it directly, but it's usually available for anything you might be doing at the time. If you meant something more along the lines of the old video tutorials that would appear as question marks on the UI... those were removed! Though, I really wish I knew why.

6. I'm not particularly a fan of your example list, and things of this type already exist in-game and are almost completely ignored. An example is the dynamic conquest mobs in gelk/inggy. That being said, I support adding more.

7. So long as this is done for both the Elyos and the Asmodians, it wouldn't be too detrimental. The real problem is detecting someone who is AFK. That's not as easy as you might think.

8. In many cases, NC would require a license to use such things within their game. That said, there are quite a lot of categories on the BCM, though I think the system could be improved.

9. I don't support this idea, but wouldn't be terribly annoyed if it was implemented. Ironically, it would probably end up as the gathering place for people gearing their toons to the teeth so they can boast about being undefeated in duels against low geared opponents.

10. More couldn't hurt with housing, but there is already quite a bit of interaction available. Have you checked out the scripting, yet? As for pets, I think you should have made an 11th item on the list... but loot pets cannot pick up items you don't specifically own. Loot pets CAN be used in a group, with certain loot distribution settings (such as round robin or leader loot). I would be all for the ability of a loot pet to trigger a roll on an item, as that's really my only gripe with the current system.


More on loot pets:

The reason a loot pet doesn't work in a group with loot distribution set to free for all is that everyone in the group has ownership of the items that are dropped... until someone picks them up, or wins the roll. If they allowed a loot pet to work under these conditions, there would also be issues with multiple people in the group having a loot pet out. I think the way the system works currently is fair. If you would like to use a loot pet in a group, you should try setting loot distribution to something like round robin -- normal for non-boss mobs. That way, if it's your turn for loot, then your pet will pick it up. Items won't be rolled for the group this way, but it's somewhat fair in terms of distribution, since it was RNG for items dropping in the first place. Or, since many loot items from group activities are also tradeable, you could just set loot distribution to leader -- normal. In this setup, the leader of the group can loot everything with a loot pet, and manually distribute the items later.

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