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Non-weapon using class someday?

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Do you think we will get a new class someday that does not involve using a weapon but using just their body for various forms of martial art moves and using different skills etc? I have read about a monk as a class once upon a time that fits this category. I can imagine more stats added onto the armours considering the fact a weapon will not be used.

I see a lot of karate outfits, boxing outfits etc, and yet we have to wear them knowing we will be using our swords, polearms, spell books, harps etc while using them. Sure those are just skins but it would be a step further to make them more meaningful too though this is just a side note, primarily speaking it would be great to see such a class to even exist in this game.

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They could implement that sort of class but they'd still probably have like a fist weapon or brass knuckles type of weapon for a stat stick.  They wouldn't add a new armor type to the game just for a new class.  And honestly I don't know what type of armor they could implement to do what you're asking.  But even if they were to do what you're asking, the class would lose idians and godstones for their character which are extremely helpful.

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Creating a new class that doesn't require a weapon, means to work harder on the balance of the other stats, to create a new system that boosts your power in a different way, as you level up. And most important, they wouldn't sell the omegas and enchanting supp from the shop. They are keeping to add new accessories, items and "powders/stones" to enchant the gear, so it would be unlikely to remove stuff.

Consider also that the class should belong to the Muse branch: a fighting monk doesn't seem to fit that well. And acrobat might work. But it ought to probably wear plate, as we currently have 3 leather classes, 3 chain, 3 clothes and only 2 plates.

My bet is a metal singer, with a microphone as weapon. Considering also how silly the skill animations are becoming. I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe they'll play this card when the game is really going to die. Another 1-2 years.

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