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Aion Launcher not opening?

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Anyone having this issue? I click the Aion icon or the NCLauncher 2, it opens the loading mini window and then closes without any reason.

I re-installed it and it does the same.

Some times, it opens the window where you put your mail and password, I click login and it closes.

Perfect, this is exactly what was needed right now.

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1 minute ago, Antim-KT said:

It comes from their Streaming Servers, its not an issue on our side.

Don't try to fix .Net dependency or anything on your computer its not on your side, i m sure of it.

Yesterday it happened for 1 hour too.

Just another bug, saddly.

Ok thanks for the info, I'm glad that I dont have to fix anything on my side...

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They have frontend Streaming Servers to dispatch new versions of the Launcher or any changes that they want to apply.
Thats the task our Launcher is doing each time we open it, during its initializing.

They have a problem on them which are in common with other NC Games.
Loki has acknoledge it in another post i opened earlier.

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