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GP and Medals for pvp'ing


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  • 2 weeks later...

If we gave GP and Medals for killing the enemy, we probably would have more hackers

Today, there were two rangers which rifted in.  Somehow, they were able to not die with 2 guards on them and 2-3 other players. One of them, I was not able to get a screenshot, but they flew straight up from a standing position, and others saw them do this also.  The other ranger, was in hide, but an Elyos did come up, hit detection and nothing.  About 2 seconds later, the ranger came out of hide and attacked me and the other.  A sorcerer also, some how able to literally get no damage from guards, and able to take on 2-3 players w/o dying.

Then we have the bots in the Abyss.  Easily, bumped into 5 in one small area and about 5 more scattered around.  

I'm pretty sure the Asmos experience the same thing.

Hacking is just out of control. Damage hacks, speed hacks, flight hacks... botting is getting there and of course - gold selling is starting up again. Vendors appearing here and there.

We are seeing Asmos up high in ridges we are unable to get to, yet they were on the ground moments earlier and able to escape us.

Again, I'm not saying this is just one race, however since I don't have an alt or an Asmo >> I can only give my version.


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how are you going to punish hacking by doing this? I don't even... all that you will do is encourage both hacking and griefing. There are already PVP quests and events that encourage PVP, that provide rewards, and which can be used to discourage hackers (in theory).

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