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Merirunrunerk problem [Meloons event]

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Hello, @Kibbelz

I totally understand some prizes are too way expensive and rare to obtain, like Anomos/WB weapons to be bought with our meloons, but WTF is that buy limit PER SERVER?

I mean, can u please clarify about this "First come First served" stuff? Only one person per server per day gonna buy WB weapon on that merchant?

If yes, please awnser me:

- What about people who are WORKING at server reset time?
- What about people who only can play hours after server reset time?
- What about Vanilla users who can easily make a script to farm itens first than everyone?

Do you realize i can farm like a dunkey the entire day/week, and even that NEVER be able to buy something?

Suggestion: make it buyable by anyone, but like 1 per account for rare itens

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it spawns for 30 minutes between 9pm(not am when reset is) and 9:30pm server time, there are several shugos for each item that spawn around the normal one, but stuff is sold out pretty much instantly, so most people even if they have the melons wont be able to buy them, another "well thought"mechanic.

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@Kibbelz @Loki please, you guys have done very well adding items hard to get content to the game. BUT what means 1 per server per day and conditioning it to a particular schedule. 

Hope you reconsider how you are including the content, because at this time those who have problems with the schedule or who have high ping will not have the same opportunities as the other players.  Its is very frustrating to know my chances to buy an item with 150 ping, and also thinking of people who have higher latency than mine.


Maybe consider 1 prize in 5 different time each day to satisfy a greater amount of customers (I dont know, just an idea)

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I wish the meloons needed for the really good prizes were just multiplied by 25-50x. I know that the thought then is bots would get the prize but let's be real, the one person who is going to click fastest to buy the good rewards is probably using some type of click bot. It wouldn't be that hard to make some python code to do it. It just seems really crappy that you have to be waiting around for 30 min totally amped up to click on an NPC, try to process where is the price you want and then buy it faster than the other hundreds of people there.

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