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I didn't know this was part of the event, but at this hour the whole map is full of bots camping bomb mobs for the extra rewards. Great job at making another ridiculous event.

I am getting disgusted by this game every day.

I went to do my lugbug daily that requires to kill 3x mobs and the WHOLE map has 1~2 bots at every bomb-mob location.

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Run around with My Aion DPS meter up during that hour, youll see so many ppl flagged for ani-hacking its crazy. They literally are animation hacking to get that extra split second advantage over other players...it's really sad...but not as sad as NCsoft making an event that pits players of the same faction against one another

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2 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

Open world events are garbage, it is already proved. World bosses events are garbage, server wide limit sales events are garbage.

And all of them favor people who hack to get an advantage.

I simply don’t understand why there is so much content in this game to make competition within the faction : from world bosses and hidden monsters to event mobs and npc ! The whole shenanigan event is bringing frustration - ppl don’t get invited to event WB alliances, EU players are screwed up again with spawn schedule, everyone has to compete for that additional event npc... This event is ruining Christmas spirit.

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