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PvE gladiator stigma build?

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Hi guys, I am a returning player. I mainly was a templar player but i did not played since the max level cap was changed to 75 and because for that reason i made a new character, a gladiator to try other classes out too ( yes, i know from temp to glad is not the biggest change). My question is, anyone know a good PvE(mainly) stigma build for gladiators? 

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glads use the same stigmas for pve and pvp, lockdown, drainblow, drainingsword,earthqueake,sharpstrike, surestrike thats the basic stigmas as soon u hit +12 basic u can use exauthing wave, ankle snare and magic defense both for pvp but u cant get any green stigmas better for pve so whatever use both for pve as well

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