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Kinah and in-game inflation (again)


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Since apparently you can't stop the bots from making billions of kinah and wreaking havoc on the game economy I wanted to make some suggestions to reduce that.
1st - Remove Kinah Box from Luna  
Everyone already know that their main way to farm billions of kinah is botting in luna, if nc remove it, would help a lot in the fight against bots and kinah inflation.

2nd - Reduce the broker fee
We spend like 15% of the value from the item registering and getting the kinah, why? That is a unsuccefull plan to control the inflation, just reduce it to 3%  - 5% so it would help everyone, even new players to make kinah from AION trade.

3rd - Increase the kinah from instance itens  (And XP please, your 100% xp buff is useless, back XP from instance as it was in 7.0 would help more)
I think AION Europe did it right after the nerf from XP and kinah from new instance itens, why you don't do it? 
Benefits of doing this:

Players doing game content;
Bots can't do instgances because they don't have gear (I think);
More groups for instances on lfg;
New player can do instances to farm kinah and (with low inflation) buy itens on broker or lfg - So improve the new players gameplay.

4th - Add bundles of kinah like Crimson Katalam Kinah Boxs
With chances to appear in Daevanium Box (or always, would be nice),some  kinah box in all instances that split between players from the groups (the same as Kinah Box from CKT)
Easy Instances (PF NM, IDD NM, SL EM, BE EM) - Box of 10m / 30M / 50M 
"Normal" Instances (SL NM, BE NM, AoA Ez) - Box of 20M / 50M 
This is just one example.


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