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Well I gave a try to Meloons event but...

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I got my meloons and try to get something from shugos, but it seens impossible to many of us.

NCsoft didnt realize that some players will start to use tools to get the items.. you will see the same plp everyday getting all the few items that shugo sells.

Why NCSoft limited the items? I think it was better if you limit the items sold to an account. If you got an Legendary Contract, you cant come anymore to get another contract.

Sorry, I forgot that there is not balance in Aion.

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I still haven't even tried once because this shugo spawns at around 4am in my timezone, and with my ping I will never be able to get any of these items even from regular players, not mentioning bots. Also I think Christmas is a time for peace and reconsiliation and it doesn't seem right that ncsoft is making players fight for rewards. There are posts like yours that appear from time to time on the forum but I'm disappointed with the lack of support and activity on this topic. So I guess this unfair and discriminatory event will just pass as it is. 

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3 hours ago, Gabrielis-KT said:

I still haven't even tried once because 

...lol same, open world things are not my thing, when somethign requires a lot of people I am a soloer and can't compete against big legions and when something requires you to be faster or be at the right spot etc, i always lose to those "fast clickers"

I've learned to avoid anything that I know I will fail so as to not get discouraged by constantly losing.

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I got an Ultimate enchantment stone............just one. Can't beat people botting/scripting/hacking...etc

I did learn a valuable lesson. You have become a toxic player to get anything done in Aion. THANKS NCSoft for the toxic environment!👍

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