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Herelym Mine end boss doesn't reward


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1 hour ago, Ferk-DN said:

Since 7.7 came out the Herelym Mine instance end boss, and the secret chest , both drop nothing.

This is a reproducible bug which occurs 100% of the time.

Are we sure this is a bug or a patch change? They also change the amount of AP you get at every mini patch the last year. Maybe that was intentional. Those pesky 60 level manastones and some useless outdated mats could have been omitted on purpose.

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The 7.9 latest patch has not fixed the lack of reward from the Herelym Mine treasure chest. For years it use to drop a legendary etium,  and a couple of Aion patches ago it stopped dropping anything, even though it still appears after killing the end boss, and you can loot it but it's always totally empty an obvious bug.

Could you please make it drop a Heart of Protection like several other instance bosses do?


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