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Flash and Java issue on site

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For start Flash is outdated and already not supported by the creators, it is already forced uninstalled by all browsers. Java is up to date automatically.

This message below keeps appearing exclusively on the aion site when I try to login (not always), some times I re-try and it works the second time, other times it takes ten tries and other times I have to close the browser and re-open it. Fewer times it takes  whole day to fix.

Most importantly this is not an "issue" nor a "bug", it is a feature, because if I try to log my main account, it logs and I get no message, if I try to log an alt account I get this message. So whatever reason you guys put this for just remove it, we are not stupid, if you want people not to be able to log an alt account just tell us the limitations on how often we can log an account or not.

Thankfully contacting support (which is why I wanted to log that alt account) is still possible via a direct mail, it is just I find it easier to open tickets inside the site itself.


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