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Make default idle stances available for all classes


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So currently in Aion idle stances are class and gender locked: like if you are a templar then your default idle motion is locked and if you want a different idle motion you have to choose a different class. So it would get tricky if a person loves his class but hates the default idle motion of that class. Although there are idle motions available such as the hovering set and the dragon's set, sometimes people just want the idle stance of another class (like for a templar to use the songweaver idle, or a gunslinger to use cleric idle). I highly suggest that Aion should give players the option to choose among default idle motions so that those motions are not class locked anymore. It can be achieved by putting default motions on black cloud market or simply making the idle motions selectable under the "motions" window. Either way it would make Aion more customizable.

So I posted this a few months ago but I think it's good time to post it again and see if they would actually make this work. 

On ‎8‎/‎9‎/‎2017 at 2:34 PM, Valkraine-DN said:

Maybe its just my personal opinion but the AT/gunner idle for female looks pretty stupid. i guess it shouldn't be hard to make class default idle stances available for all classes so for example a gladiator can use songweaver idle motion. 


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