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Anyone have a Minion S rank List?

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Just curious if anyone had a link that shows all the S rank minions with their stats/skills. Tried looking but all I can find is the EU versions with different names and I want to make sure I don't choose the wrong one.

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I'll be the simple guy and post everything here, sadly the names are from EU so some aren't easy to understand which is which. But here they are:

Modor (Grendal), but the other adjective is not same to our server, so I don't know their special name.


Hyperion, I know the second one is "courageous Hyperion" because I have it.


Kromede, Ferocious for pvp bonus, Courageous for pve bonus


Sheba (Sita), I have deadly Sheba which is the same here


Viola (Weda)


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Courageous = PVE attack
Ferocious = PVP attack

Deadly = crit
Deft = accuracy

Courageous = PVE defense
Ferocious = PVP defense

Rejuvenated = heal boost
Tenacious = HP

Agile = evasion
Stubborn = magic resist

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