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Arenas Timing and Compensations (Harmony,Discipline,Idgel, Dredge).

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@Kibbelz@Loki It's important to say that these pvp arenas are not being valued currently.

First point is about the time that disciplines are opening, for some players including the ones that live in south america are having problems to attend to it cause it's too late. It would be very good if we had an oportunity  to enter on it two times in day for example.

Second point is about the Harmonys that are not being used anymore, no rewards being given and i remember it was a great arena for players, where we could group up with our friends and fight for nice rewards and had a lot o fun togheter, it would be very nice if you guys took a look on this. 

Third point its about the Idgel and Dredge, they are not giving the proper rewards to mach the actual patch and it's necessitys, even por new players it's horrible. The amount of AP is too low and the other contents are not even worth the time to queue.

So, please, take a look at theses things, cause they're very important to the game, reworking the rewards will bring the purpose back to these instances, because they're useless right now.

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The only thing good in this game regarding pvp is ID/AD, and there 0~1 yolo groups. Nobody is queueing, this is pretty bad! 

But.... This is not in hands of NCWest, and Koreans don’t give sh*t about NA servers, so.. nothing is going to happen.

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When arenas gave good rewards, everyone abused the entry and either left the arena before the game started (in discipline) or they teamed with their own alts to always win (harmony)

The pvp instances that used to be fun, are not being done now because they give no rewards. If they gave the rewards we got in the past, people would still do them.

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