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there seem to be some problems with the Garden of Growth event.

The auto hunting system is working fine for me, but doesn't appear for everyone. Also the Crops are supposed to be mature in 10 min, at which point you should harvest them. the crops only seem to grow ones every 10 min. At 50 min the reach harvest state, then my auto hunting system kills them but they don't drop anything in Hard mode, they do drop items in normal mode. The Hard mode seems to be bugged, you don't get any drops there while People are getting multiple drops (renown tonic) in normal mode.

the auto hunting system works perfectly for me, but the hard mode seems to be bugged. everyone who went in hard mode has lost an entry, as Hard mode and Normal mode seem to share the same cooldown. 

The XP the mobs give seems low considering it costs 100 Luna to reset the instance. so that is definitely not worth it. normal instances are reset with 40 or 80 Luna, I don't see why this had to be increased. 

and completly unrelated, when can we expect the return of the (after moths) still missing Aetherforging recopies needed for the crafting of PvE enchantment stones? 

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