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Auto-Hunt Issue Fix (Steps)


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  • Aion Team

Hi everyone,

Some users have reported that Auto-Hunt is not properly displaying on the UI for some players. When you log in, you should immediately be able to see the Auto-Hunt Icon just above the minimap, appearing as a large 'Play' button.

If you cannot, there are two Auto-Hunting related options. One as mentioned to show the auto-hunting UI under Game Options > Interface > "Show Auto Hunting Control UI" and another option to start and stop using it under Key Mapping > Functions > "Auto Hunting Start/End".

If you cannot locate the button, we encourage you to try the following steps to resolve the issue before entering the instance. It has worked for several users so far:

  • Delete the L10n folder in the Aion client
  • Delete any files in the data\dump folder
  • Repair and relaunch client

If you had previously entered the instance and no longer have today's entry, feel free to contact our support team for assistance: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us

Thank you!


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