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Returning Player - Question about Dungeons


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Like another poster I saw here recently I am just returning and have not played since 65 pre 6.0.  I have figured out how to get the full Ultimate PVE set & accessories from renown and experience marks.  

anyways.... Are most easy mode dungeons noob friendly?  I have never played most of them and can't seem to find much up to date information online on strategy or walkthroughs.  I see people posting a lot for SL easy and I really want to join, but also don't want to ruin a run for anyone 🙃

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Hello and welcome back.

There are many dungeons you can solo ,but not complete if you are not well geared ,that is to say ,you can kill some of the bosses alone ,but the last boss is usually a pain, especially SL last boss. 

You can make some good kinah to get yourself started by killing first ,second and third boss in Primeth's Forge (Normal) ,some  most people post it as PFEZ in LFG.

All you need to do ,is sell the legendary items you acquire from the boxes you open.

From what I can see here in the forums and in game ,the number of  actually active players in game that do things has been drastically reduced (to nothing),I guess ,my point is ,you can just find someone who is active and run with them.

"but also don't want to ruin a run for anyone" , that's nearly impossible to do if you run with someone who is geared... unless you leave the premade duo group then they get kicked from the dungeon :D 

In all honesty , I hope you stay ,but then again I have to say ,you did return in a rather fragile period of the game's development, in a sense that people are wondering whether they should play Aion or just start another game that has more to offer , because our beloved Aion is nothing like what it used to be.


Anyhow, you will need kinah for many things and it's rather hard to get at this moment ,so you can just sell the drops I mentioned above until you gear yourself with experience marks gears and then you can use them for other purposes ,such as Lumiel's Trasmutation , if you are feeling lucky ,you might get some good rewards from this new system.

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16 hours ago, Cannale said:


I know exactly how you feel, cause I'm the same. I feel noob to these new dungeons and I'm afraid to enter any group as I'm only with the basic exp mark PVE gear...

With the exp mark gear unenchanted and no "special" things such as advanced stigmas, Daevanian skills, etc, you can do these instances with a full 6-man group (or less people if the others are geared). In order of easiest to hardest for a dps class:

Esoterrace (you can duo this)
IDD normal (probably don't need a full 6 people)
PF normal (probably don't need a full 6 people)
BE easy
SL easy
PFHM 1st boss
SL normal (if a few geared people in the group to carry you)

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