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Transformation Fusion% Aion 6.0


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1 hour ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

NCWest doesn't have this info because they cant change it. Ask a friend to translate it to korean and post on korean forums, maybe you'll get an answer. @Kibbelz prove me wrong!

you're kinda wrong since NA is the only retail server that you can combine 2 or 3 xforms without a chance to downgrading it

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2 hours ago, Luffy-KT said:

Transformation Fusion% Aion 6.0 this table I made at the time of 6.0 I was wondering what is the new percentage please update us.


say a hi friend @Kibbelz @Loki @Hime

We do not have downgrades so the percentages here are off.

Example, using 2x legendaries was 2,75% to go higher, 67,25% to stay the same and 30% to go lower.

For us, the "go lower" chance is added to the "stay the same" percentage, so using 2x legendaries, you have 2.75% chance to go higher and 97,25% to stay the same.

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