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3 hours ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

Don't "seriously" me man, the difference is there because this is what you asked. Their only aim is to make it easier for them to simply ban a bot account if they find it and make it harder for non legit kinah farmers to do it as easy as before. Will they succeed, hell no, they are too lazy to check all bot accounts.

Will it hurt real players... of course it will, whatever people can do, bots can do better and the difference is bots don't get bored or sick of doing repetitive things. Also any legit person that was doing luna afk with 2~3 or 5 accounts won't be able to do it now. That is way too much manual labor just to get the luna pouch.

Will it hurt botters? It sure will, because now naked afk kinah farming accounts require a ton of work to make them lugbug daily compatible and if they are banned they are gone.

I have already said a million times that whenever they implement something to battle bots, they end up hurting actual players more than the botters. This change is harder for everyone.

When they make the game they don't have in mind that people will have a ton of alts to feed their mains, so apparently not being able to do it on 12 chars every day out of boredom is how the game is designed now.

Let's all just jump to the russian servers! Wohoooo, at least they have skins back!

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2 hours ago, Naru said:

Let's all just jump to the russian servers! Wohoooo, at least they have skins back!

The problem is that they have the IPs blocked and you have to get around this issue with a VPN. Other than that the Russian server at least has more fun.

It would serve me good since I am from Europe.

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