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Anyone playing wow shadowlands?


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I’m willing to give it a try, I hate that cartoon graphics, but as far as I’m seen on twitch, it’s rly easy to gear up in pvp. You do pvp to get pvp gear, and people I see are in arenas all day long...

Since Aion will be a afk grind fest, I’ll get something else to play while auto hunting.

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11 hours ago, Wrathchild-KT said:

You can play freely to level 20 and game time is very cheap compared to Aion’s prestige. I created a char and initial quests are evolving, I’m liking what I’m seeing, I highly suggest you try it to.

I’m tired of begging for crumbs to this Korean administration.

I played WoW a lot, before I tried Aion (I went from L2 -> WoW -> Aion), but I got bored quite fast and the graphics were a big turn off. After some time all mmorpgs feel just repetitive farming games and WoW back then lacked sieges which I was used from L2.

Of course I enjoyed the gathering, selling on broker, the crafts, the professions etc. I initially played a gnome mage because everyone said they had the best stats for a mage but then I started a blood elf when they were implemented, my best friend did a Draenei (or whatever they are spelled). That was when we separated and it was when we both got bored of the game and eventually quit.

He said it was my fault because I didn't stick to the alliance and went to horde, I told him it was his fault for not playing the cool new race and decided to play the new race that looked like cows because I always made fun of his female cow player.

It is not like we were mad at each other or we had a fight, we just had our opinion on why we got separated and eventually got bored of the game and quit.

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