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Has anyone seen them drop yet?  Pretty sure they forgot to turn them on in the drop list.  Before anyone says they are 7.0 weapons and they suck..  I wasn't around to farm them, and as a melee class there are times that extendable would come in handy granted not for 100% of the time use. 

Also will be good fill in until I can grind the 1000's of exp marks and get good RNG that the 7.8 extendables are going to take to get. 

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forget it, drop rate was too low yet it didn't come in as selection box. 5 runs 0 drop, guess it's another form of trolling players. So hard to get yet it only drops at the instances where only geared ppl( most of them already have extend and divine imbued weapon) can do. They're like" Yes, we will give extend event as you requested but only for alt of ppl who are supporting( paying)  us. Done our part, we indeed made "EXTENDED WEAPON" event. Isn't it? 😕 ". Such a shame, it's not even an event. Wonder did they know what's happening in the game or not. They have no idea what's the event driven games are like. rubbish EVENT AS USUAL :D

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