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Hi HealingSquid ofc they didn't owe anyone apology but if they want to regain trust from their costumers that had been loyal to them for years.
An apology is very important if you might noticed when big companies such as google,nvidia cause a controversy they apology to fix the damage first.

I'm speaking as a customer their main goal should be enjoyment of the game and secondary is profit.
Anyway I can talk to make people think but I can't force anyone to do anything against their wills even you pointing a gun against their head they would rather to choose death more than a simply apology.

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I have received an email with the survey….which I found strange since it’s been almost a year since I stopped playing Aion….the email states that I have been “individually selected” to take the survey……maybe there is some seriousness to it since none of my alt accounts received the email.

I don’t know how much value my opinion actually has…. yet I took the time to answer it……I really hope that the feedback provided is taken into account.

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15 hours ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

surveys are far more personal and thus are often answered as such

I agree but also surveys that have options to click/tick are also great to instantly draw statistics so one CM cannot deal with hundreds of comments and spam from people who feel the need to write their life story or their game play etc. A survey can be a very powerful tool if they bothered to make them. They should also give us ingame surveys with multiple choice style replies and then discuss those results.

Of course someone with 10 accounts would votes 10 times, this might still be tricky. But surveys are always better than a forum post.

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1 hour ago, HealingSquid-KT said:

Can someone who has had the survey but has not filled it out post the um...questions here plz <3.

The survey prompts you to keep the questions and your answers Confidential. 😄chrome_i04S2GIeU5.png

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Lmao. In the meantime, I found 1-2 games to play recently, while afking aion since Theres almost nothing to do. Its not like this survey 1-2 years late going to change anything in this game. We already know what  KR gets > then goes to EU,NA etc...


AND, We do know whats wrong with the game. Its literally #1 on the list the community developed, but its not going to get fixed. 

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