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My idealized of rebuild 3.0 (completely fantasy nothing realistic about it :P)


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Well this topic is not about is it even possible or NC want to redevelop it or how it making money just some my fantasy xD

I'll start with what I'm good at first housing lol
-Well I noticed that mostly the need of dual client was because we need someone to hold group so to eliminate this problem I suggest we add a mannequin ticket(tradable) to BCM allow you to create a mannequin for your house and dressing them as you would like then another purpose u can use this mannequin to hold group for you or anyone like a normal character can do this would be eliminate needing of second client for most people.
-Online in your own house long enough will grant you a temporary buffs (like 15 mins)with increase magic boost/attack or you can use this buff instantly by using 3 guest petals per buffs additional furniture(each has different effect) in your house will add extra effects to buffs and additional stats such as HP/MP/no soul sickness and running speed.
-Add oriel daily kill (mobs spawning in oriel) quests (randomized like fortuneers one) rewarded you with some guestbloom fertilizers and a box that has a chance to give you innocent and cat skins even housing items from BCM.
-Limited house/mansion/estate/palace to 1 for each account but u can having unlimited studios as long as character slots permits. The special effects like craft boost,no SS affected all characters in that account.

About character creation
-Update at least to 4.6 version of character creation if possible I'll take ability to change eyes from 5.0 but only that nothing else 😛
(For asmo counterpart I'll add elyos skin colors for them and ability to toggle mane in game also eye glow colors)

-Add skin instance tokens(untradable) to all instances when you killed final bosses,you can use it to buy skins from all instances but harder that instance is the more token you need to buy skins from that instance. Skins are tradable and brokerable.
-Add skin crafting tokens(untradable) when you crafting(any profession) you got a chance to get skin crafting tokens. If you craft something that required a lot of materials and need a lot of proc the chance is much higher and more tokens you will get. Same as instance one the hardest to craft require great tokens to buy. Skins are tradable and brokerable.
-You can exchange coins(silver,gold,platinum,mith) to skins instance tokens.
-When you pvp in open world there's a chance your opponent will give out pvp skin tokens and they will not lose AP from getting killed. The higher their ranks are the more tokens you will get and higher chance they will not lose AP but you still got AP from them. You can use pvp skins tokens to buy abyss skins. Skins are tradable and brokerable.
-Add a skin box for kahrun symbol that randomly give you random skin boxes(but you can select part and type of armor) in game but also rare chance you will get from BCM one. Skins are tradable and brokerable.

Ability to combine unwanted items and get something new
-Like if you got a lot of useless mana stones you can combine them and got a chance to get more useful one like magic boost/attack/crit/ma
-Same with enchantment stones but without needing a tool u can do it for free.

A new solo instance with a tutor that can enter as many times u want that teach you how to use heal,silence,slow,root,etc everything you need to know how to survive in pvp.
Reward you with some kinah and pots (no longer rewarded kinah and pots if you do this more than 20 times)

When game detected you have bad computer shadow is turned off this increased fps greatly and auto turns off other players when doing things like siege and fps drops greatly.

Even you can't enter eyes because no 2 forts captured there's a chance that random rift spawns for limited time and you can use them to get in eyes.

Hmm I can't think anything else anymore lol I think that's it for now thanks for reading I hope you have fun ^_^

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