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Emergency Maintenance - Auto Hunt


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  • Aion Team

Hi everyone,

We are having a brief maintenance to temporarily disable the auto-hunting feature. Attempting the use the feature will result in disconnection.

Servers are expected to be back up within the hour. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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1 hour ago, GenericUser51297 said:

What about the deava skill box from the stormwing daily? Will this be updated?


45 minutes ago, GenericUser46108 said:


please re-add the survey. I am not receiving the survey for the ultimate risiel gear on my characters anymore.

also, there isnt the right rewards on the stormwing pet.... where is the daevanion skill box... send a survey with the daeva boxes please... 

Rewards on the information page were incorrect. They've been updated to reflect what's actually in the box.


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