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Returning player - several years without playing

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Hello people!

I'm a returning player to Aion and I'm reeeeally confused about the lore, items, etc. Forgive me, but I've got a LOT of questions that the official website couldn't provide answers...

First of all, what happen to Cygnea, Enshar, Norsvold, Illuma, etc.? The last thing I remember was trying to reach lv80 really hard on Norsvold... And how they brought back Katalam and Danaria?? Does it mean we'll have Sarpan and Tiamaranta (my two favorite maps) again? When upheaval destroyed these maps I was really sad and this was part of why I was not as much invested in the game (and also, the fierce PTW politics, which seems to have been improved heh).

I'm sad cause I worked really hard for some sets (danuar, archdaeva, purple and orange armor/weapons in general) and they seem to be garbage now... I've got felicitous manastones socketing, high grade manastones (mostly magic boost ones), supplements, idians and other expensive items that also seem to have no use in the game anymore...

Welp this end up being a vent, sorry!

If you know how can I exchange some of these equips/items for updated ones, please let me know!


Thanks all~



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