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3 minutes ago, MeIodica-KT said:


3 months have passed and aion is still under maintenance on the geforce platform

Is this something NCWest has to address or Nvidia? I mean it is their platform and they are those that put games there. To support a game, they have to make it possible there.

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not logged in this forum, (or the game), in a while but I wanted to update you if possible from what I've found and also emailed Nvidia about the issue, it's on NC's end and they wouldn't go into details. so that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth as well. here's the link. but I'm guessing you've already seen it.




now I'm off to other games, as this one seems to be more about wallet then players having fun.

wishing everyone a great day.

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I did want to mention on this it is not just NC games that are having an issue if you read the driver information and not only is NC having an Issue GF that runs EU Aion is having the same issue and none of this stuff for EU is held up by NC's hand so it is in fact an GFN issue not NC

Best thing to do is revert back to the old driver


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Actually, Kibbelz has already acknowledged NCsoft's role in this issue. So they may not be wholly responsible, but they are at least partially responsible.


On 12/15/2020 at 4:28 PM, Kibbelz said:

Hi everyone. We definitely apologize for the technical issues that forced us to put Aion into maintenance on GeForce NOW. At the moment we do not have an ETA, but we will notify you if there is an update to that status. You can see our announcement on the topic here: https://support.aiononline.com/hc/en-us



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While I was playing using Gforce Now I was keep getting banned for "Suspicious Activities" which I understand was for being getting connected back and forth from my PC and Gforce services.

I believe the issue resides on NC not being able to whitelist GForce IP's.


But this is just what I believe.


To be honest I wont be surprised NC is doing nothing to fix this and im the meanwhile Im forced to play at 10fps.


Please NC fix this @#$@#@$. 

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There are other games having issues as well not including Aion I do not know the issue or what's going on entirely, best advice is use an older version of the driver again if you cannot play with the current update

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