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[7.7] Sources of XP and Renown from monsters / Known monster stats

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Added: Crucible spire HP and defenses. Significant XP from floors 5, 8, 10, and 15! (subject to cap of 20% of a bar from a single monster kill)

And wow, in floor 4, the dracunis hatched from eggs have around 25.5k physical attack! Enchanting your PvE armor aren't gonna reduce their damage inflicted on you by much...

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Added stats for third boss of Primeth Forge Hard Mode to the document:

Berserking Tarukan

  • HP 133,450,000
  • Wpn Dmg 19,000 ~ 20,000
  • Phy Atk 20,379
  • Mag Atk 27,000
  • Phy Def 12,400
  • Evasion 20,244 ±739 (estimated - 95% confidence interval)
  • Attack Speed 1.9
  • Attack Range 2
  • Combat Run Speed 8
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