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Yes he is having alts following him in a group so they get the 50 kills at once. He forgot to shut off the duels and apparently this is automated otherwise the bots wouldn't auto accept the duels.

I mean I have done an alt following me to get the kills at one point (and I stopped now cause it is too much hustle) but if anyone dueled my alt, he would ignore it.

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Not tested personally, but the text in the daily tasks list states: "Kill count only updates for the highest contributing group!" (emphasis added)

So if the boxed alts are in a party together & within range, they'd all get credit.

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2 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

I thought with luna you only the person who gets the kill, or did a majority of the damage, gets the credit. I tried it with my alt and it didn't proc on my alt's luna because it wasn't doing any damage. 

It is a group kill. If you are in an alliance then the group with the highest registered dmg would get the kill.

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