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I understand that you guys are putting 0 BCM worth coins and tokens in BCM when we have events, hoping to make people go there and potentially buy more things. But when BCM doesn't open, that is a problem.

No I wasn't going to buy anything with real money (I wanted with an alt account but I still cannot buy), I just wanted to get the 3 stormwing tokens that are daily free.

Next time when you make an event, and you want to give people free tokens, put them in an ingame way. BCM many times doesn't even work, it has the blue background and nothing else, it constantly loads. And it happens often enough to be a hustle. the only way to fix it is to totally close the client and reopen the game... which is also a hustle with the new downgrade we have for a launcher. And hoping that we won['t get the pin bug while trying to log.

There are more bugs than features in this game.

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