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Fix the shared server and the battlefield server

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Im starting to get pissed off when im doing my cubic instance and i get a desconect right in the middle!!! Or if i finish it and then cant get my cubics. Something is going on with your servers. Its not my conection, since i open a browser, go to any website and aion one gets not answering status. 

My connection and provider are the same since i started play aion 10 ish years ago and never happened this kind of crap, unless the usual mass dcs and stuff that all of the community had.

Check this out. Im not the only one having this issue. Really!!!!!

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I also get dc some times when I go to the shared maps or when I get into an instance. This along with the pin bug are not actual bugs but game features, we have to accept them and move with them as they will neve be fixed.

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