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Well I'll list classic problems then :P

-First thing I see is weapon stopped getting more attack/cast speed after DP poeta I don't know why but there isn't any reasons for doing so. Sure some skills will be really OP with no limited speed but we can always nerf them. (Even 1% adding to every new weapon each new level cap is still ok than stop it)
-Second is diversity of weapons good example is orb/tome they're really no different just mb/ma swap and some rare situations usage. The cast speed shouldn't be same or at least attack speed base. Orb should do more damage(Crit spell) at cost of speed while tome opposite(If attack speed different is a lot greater you can imagine chaining debuffs with tome being supreme than orb). Skills shouldn't never exclusive to certain weapons but it should be rather having damage penalty if it was used with a weapon that wasn't intended to use with.

-Diversity of builds of one class I love the idea of magic templar, magic sin, magic ranger or even dual wield magic glad why not explore them more ? unified everyone being same build is really boring.
-DPS of chanter is really bad ok if you're a chanter your dps suppose to be bad right ? but if you choose stigma to dps  if you want to dps like cleric but no even you choose  full dps stigma you still bad.

3.0 problems

-Too much daily to do. Sarpan is one of the map that looks good but if you want to do daily/weekly on it, it's very bad nothing to do with map itself but rather flight service spots and windstream(did it existed?) is not really friendly for you to wondering around the map.
-Every instance giving kahrun from quests, because 1435 kahrun symbol for a weapon ? to make us not feel empty if instances gave you nothing ? To be honest kahrun symbol should be able put it in broker 1435 symbol is insane especially if you're a cleric you need mace/staff and full kahrun armors for healing....
-AM/EF it should give everyone a box instead of rolling nobody wanna go there because it's prolong wasting of time and 0 drops.
-Kahrun symbol should be able to buy AM/EF/RB/ABYSS skins even cost same as real kahrun eternal gears I'm ok with that.(You farming 3.0 instances for skins at least those kahrun symbols you got from instances will guaranteed you get skins you want)
-Tia ugly I told you so xD but eye should be more complicated(Bigger) and more routes to run maybe neutral 1-2 guards patrolling kahrun mob spots who attacked anyone who started the fight. You're not safe from your opponents they can work around and still can kill you.
-Rank 1 required for using abyss armors I don't understand this much ? to prevent twinking ?
-Housing should have more use than it originally was.

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On 3/26/2021 at 7:36 PM, Vinley-KT said:

Wasn't the kinah acquisition limit only for those playing with the F2P limitations? I think that was also a means to try and counter botting in KR. My guess is they probably don't have the staff, whether it be GMs, or support to accommodate such a huge increase in playerbase  from Classic. They have a looot of job postings atm. NCW has also posted contracting positions for translators and web designers recently. For a "AAA MMORPG" lol

No the actual items sell for nearly 5x less for subscription players as well. The f2p limitations on items is the restriction to grade loot. Like i think you can only loot green/white gear as a f2p player.

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