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I have been checking broker these days and there is so many broker bots, whats aion team doing about these bots. Today i saw two people in oriel(probably dating there lol). I would like to know what does our aion support team have for these people. Will they continue to be there stalking our shugo or they will be thrown out. Thanks   



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Unfortunately They will be around anytime we get a big event where a desired item can be broker traded to alts like the solar weapons. These people expect dumb players to try and pass it cheaply and are just waiting to snatch it up. And nope I wouldn't hold my breath expecting anything to be done.

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12 hours ago, Vasilios-KT said:

Does anyone know how much they actually cap out at? Like how expensive should I put up my item to trade it through broker

Just my opinion, but you shouldn't go any lower than like 50% of what the current selling rate is AND you should be ready to buy immediately. So if something is going for 1 bil, I wouldn't go below 500 mil, and I'd make sure I was ready to buy immediately. If you have to log out and then log back in, then I'd just buy it at the going rate. Sucks to lose the broker fees, but better than losing the item.

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