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Hi, I'm new to Aion and I decided to create a gunner however I can't find information about the class anywhere and the links I find are all down.


Could anyone tell me what stigmas to use in the gunner and what is the rotation of skills for PvE?

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Sorry its about a week later and no one has reply to you I do not have any video. I do not main gunner but I do have one that is geared and I play it from time to time aside from the normal renown grind and daily/weekly. It is a unique class that I don't want to say is hard to play but takes a unique mechanic. It is a very swap heavy class so high latency an really work against you idk your ping. For stigma it will vary but for the most part for PvE as you asked its mostly cannon skills I have 6 advanced and I will say after playing like this for quite a while now it is very awkward using only 6 non enchated stigma's and I don't know the more optimal rotations as I don't main the class.

But just some information and hopefully with the refresh to your post you may get another gunner to chime in with some help. I run Shellshock (gold) Juggernaut cannon (blue) Pressurized Chamber (blue) this is where it get weird since its really awkward without the extra slots for normals but any cannon skills work for normals I would reccomend possibly blazing bombardment as it lowers m.def to help with dps then fiery blast, Shock & Awe, Power grab, Missile Guide any of these will be fine as you get more enchanted stigma idk I mess around with steady fire if I run autoload in my 3rd blue for pvp sometimes so I have run it in pve since I am too lazy to swap stigma and sometimes I run stopping power in the 3rd blue or the aether hold cannon skill but only during pvp.

Rotation I cannot help you because I am probably not optimal in this as I don't play the class each day so better off asking a gunner main with more experience. Ask in lfg or /4 there is bound to be a kind person willing to help if you haven't found a person already you might have to deal with a few trolls who just say uninstall but you'll find a kind person if you just persist enough and don't let the trolls get you down.

Hope my little info helped a bit and good luck keep searching videos online even old videos should at least give you some kind of refrence point

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Since it seems you were active I hope you found some help if not I actually did a little bit of testing myself so I would like to add on my 2 cents. Again I am not a gunner main so take this with a grain of salt if you can use this or incorperate some into your gameplay great if not no worries just some things I noticed practicing on the test dummy, crucible spire, as well as my tests in garden. I am going with the most basic and general knowledge not saying you have none of this but just to cover all ground. Also going with the idea you only have 6 stigmas and no daeva skills

Pistol chain > reload > Pistol chain > Hot shot > buff > swap > Cannon Skills > repeat seems to be the general rule of thumb

Casting Speed does not change the Charge time but Atk Speed does actually speed up the end animation by little bit so Cast is not really a need. When you weapon swap here on NA there is a small delay so to bypass this you need to make sure when you weapon swap you use an instant skill with your cannon the second you swap it will cancel the animation of the weapon swap removing the delay. Finding a keybind to throw your weapon swap will help you a lot with this as well. I am still messing with the how much is optimal for charges since the final stage is so high comparatively it looks good to charge full but at the same time your other skills are coming off cd before this so until I test further I cannot say if 1, 2 or 3 is better. I would probably argue 1 or 2 but ideally as soon as the stage charges you fire but I will leave this to your discretion whatever you feel is best. 

I am looking at Shellshock, Pressurized chamber, Juggernaut cannon, Blazing bombardment, Shock & Awe, and Fiery Blast as the 6 stigma as this is what I tested it with. I took off the daevas since I do not know what you have so just to get a baseline. 

Pistol Chain is most likely going to be Gunshot into Reload into Gunshot into Hot Shot for m.def debuff buff with pressurized chamber since you can only use in pistol but the buff works on cannon skills swap immediately into juggernaut cannon to remove the animation then the rest of your cannon skills. When you repeat I would change first pistol chain to Crosstrigger MP leech and 2nd would be Gunshot thus repeating. Obviously I didn't add the non chain pistol skills which you would just throw into the chain of pistol skills before you swap hot shot being at the end since its 10s m.def debuff you want on your cannon skills since they are doing much more dmg.

If you do happen to have daevas the reload daeva will allow you to start with pressurized chamber then when you used reload it refreshes and you dont use it again until you buff before you swap. Precise Shots daeva if you have you can swap for your 2nd Pistol Chain to make sure your first 2 cannon skills will crit after the weapon swap but this requires you to make sure when you use precise shots you DO NOT do the chain as you will waste your crits on the chain and not your cannon skills.

Again want to state I am not a gunner main and this is just what I have seen with a quick few tests that I have done. I hope this helps and you can get even a little from it


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