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Snake AP Buff Doesn't Work?

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I got the snake AP buff and went into HM. It looked like I was getting the same amount of AP. I thought maybe it was the interaction between my AP rune and the buff but when I tried a run without the rune I got less AP (Rune is only 26%). Is this intended? It looks like PvP I get the same amount of AP too. 

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Its a "known bug" since we had this buff last time.

If u get the buff, then equip the rune, only the rune effect take place. And if u unequip the rune, the buff wont affect u.. u gonna need to relog for the buff to take effect again.

So, if u want the buff: dont equip your rune.

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2 minutes ago, Arhangelos-KT said:

Try this: get the buff, put your rune and then relog (character screen and back), both buffs should work now and they multiply each other.

This is how XP buffs/amulets/runes worked together in the past, unless they fixed this now.

Ah ok, I'll give that a go. I tried just getting the buff and never equipping the AP rune last night and I at least got the buff to work on its on. I'll try to see if I can get both effects now.

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