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WHY are broker bots a thing in this game?

you could easily see who is taking the items as people are sending tickets- its highly probable they are taking advantage of several players

then IP ban them and any account on that IP

I also think you could get rid of more kinah sellers that way

and was that one person really paying as much as the 300 people you guys lost due to this BS?

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Broker bots are a thing since 6.0 when they tried to battle bots by making everything either soul bound or tradeable only via broker... which in the end gave bots and even bigger power because now they could still trade their things, but could snatch oblivious players' items.

But without trying to sound bad, why is a post like this existing today? Unless you are a brand new player then you should have known this in early 6.2 not to put things for broker-trading in a too low price hoping to trade items to an alt without suffering high broker fees. We have all been victims back then and we all know it is safe to only trade near normal prices.

and we have done numerous pleas for them to either loosen the broker fees or find a solution to this issue THEY caused.

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Without trying to sound bad yet chastising at the same time- questioning why this post is even here.  Yet there is another post similar on the 29th and I don't see you questioning that one.


The more complaints there are, the harder it is for NC to ignore. @Kibbelz  


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