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Vandal has been nerfed way to much

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On 4/8/2021 at 3:10 AM, HeartStrings-DN said:

Hey Aion Developers,

You guys need to fix the Vandal a little.  I realize for awhile they were super strong at first but you nerfed them too far!!!!   A vandal with ALL +15 advanced stigmas, Advanced Daeva skills, Ultimate Transformation, full set of Bitterhorn pvp gear doesn't stand a chance against almost any class of toon and it's starting to become very annoying.  Why you have to make the class so weak??????????  Most geared players I face the HP doesn't even go down with my hardest hitting DPS skills.    I'm sorry but you guys just took it way to far and for 2 years we are a class of nothings.  Please fix it next patch!

can't you think?
the solution is very simple, don't use vandals when on nerf. problem resolved ... oh my god, do you have to put things like this on the forum? . damn

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he probably played during the vandal release, remember that 20k laser each 2k? maybe thats what he is asking for LOL, bro get gear that class is OP with the x2 shields, if you think u can kill everything with the basic pve set from exp marks vendor.... delete the game.. this is a korean game made by koreans for koreans. that means its not for lazzy ppl

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