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When AION Classic launches thing NOT to do


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,, whine about the the grind..  It's part of the game

.. whine about how hard everything is, it's also part of the fame (you want easy, stay with the current release)

.. whine about getting ganked in word PVP..  figure out how to return the favor instead.

.. bother the Role Players.. leave em alone, they're not hurting you or your game so leave 'em the hell alone to enjoy the game how they please.. MMORPG means Massively Multi Online Role Playing Game.. Maybe you missed that part?

.. Run Bots or Buy Kinah.  Cheat elsewhere!  You hurt the game for other players.. if they get to not make progress because you helped break the game economy, they leave, NCSoft gets no money, the game dies.. Get the Clue!

.. whine period.. there plenty of MMO's out there that are stupid easy pay to win.  Go play one of those and leave the hard core in PEACE!

Bittena out!

(yea, went through it years back do not want a repeat!)



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I agree but you should of stopped at do not whine because everything you mentions is rampant over in KR and they care less about our region so the cheating will be even worse. 

Again tho the difference between retail and classic will always be the fact that on retail not playing benefits you more than playing the game while in classic if you AFK/derp around in town you will not be progressing at all.

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I do questioning myself if Aion classic released but with horrible BCM shop(no skins) like we currently have with live.

Will it even acceptable for me ? I can tell you 100% NO LOL >.<
I'm probably not much happy but surely will be happier than live simply cause I can farm some skins in game  from drops and crafting.

Perhaps I'll not worry so much now I might just buy a simple house in other Aion now because I just want a tiny garden lol 😛

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As long as there is nothing exclusive to p2 and you can get it ingame by playing nobody should have a problem. Everything else you wrote is correct but you cannot expect people to not cheat and/or bot. lol I am more than sure the first thing you will see is bots reaching end levels in no time while farming things you still can't. Even if iti s a subscription based model, botters WILL drive the game for sure.

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