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Game is kinda boring without crafting. I wish NA aion do something with the Xeross and clearsky crafting so that it won't need crafting recipe and no need to farm heart of stones but with the chance to get it like gilded and noble gilded. Game was quite fun with those crafting things. At least , have something to do for fun, gather materials and try the luck to get those noble weapons and armor. If unlucky , can extract it to get stones and fragments. And can sell it for those who need fragments. Kinah is for those who do crafting. Just spending your times and u can buy prestige from P2P and can enjoy full features. Now is boring with all alts farming abyssal and luna repeating same things days after days. Game is MISSING the great features of all MMORPG, Crafting and PVP Zone.  Due to lack of collection stats and Cubic, people were slaughtered by 1 or 2 hits of Whales. People do less and less PVP coz they know they don't even have a chance with those ppls. Zero ounces of showing skills in PVP, just died like this. While u're buffing urself, u saw the dark screens LOL. In PVE, seem impossible to clear Hard Modes even with full latest gears enchanting. You can count the groups that can clear with one hand. Most of the ppl are still far from clearing HMs.  For crafting, you need tons of heart stones LOL(not even account tradable else it's still possible) and u can only get materials just from gatherings(should mix with gatherings, dropped from mobs and buying from npc). There's no available good remos crafting. And the worst things of all, you need to have lvl 9 renowns in all regions so that you can buy recipes( and not even have selectable option). So, I don't even know what is the good things about this game? No wonder people yearning for classic. Should remove the blockade from pandemonium and let us choose our professions for whatever we want to do xD(it's a dream I know but I really missed those things from the past and the sunglasses(noble horned dragon?) ). Please someone tell me about the good things in  8.0 so that I will have the motivations to play. Should do somethings about the crafting IMO. 

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