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Bug? Why do the Exp extractors on the general merchant in Gelk cost 30 event


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Yep, just posted this in another thread as well but sharing it here too:  

Just now, Kibbelz said:

Thanks for the heads up. Our team looked into this right after we saw your comments and we're putting in a request to Korea for a fix right away. We will also be issuing a survey with 25 extractors in it for everyone while we await the fix. Thank you for your patience.


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50 minutes ago, MiphaBae-DN said:

25 extractors per character? Because if not.... lol

and is this 25 extractors per day? If we are awaiting a fix from korea we could be waiting a while to be able to buy extractors


This^^^^^^.. NcSoft needs to be realistic..people do more than 1 character a day and more than 1 GoG run 25 once isn't gonna help much.


@Kibbelza one time survey of 25 doesn't help with tomorrow and the day after nor if we have resets or do it with more than 1 character on the account. NcSoft needs a better or more appropriate solution then this which is just a meager band aid.

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