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Pin Bug - Shared maps


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I know the pin is there to stay and the pin bug is a feature of NA version now and it is here to stay forever.

But is there a chance you could ask developers to remove the necessity to put the pin again if we go to a shared map and go to char screen to log a new char? There is no reason for us to put the pin again once we did it the first time. There is no extra security in this. Putting the pin once we first log means we know the pin already, o having to put it again doesn't offer anything other than another chance to get the pin bug.

I tried to level some Lakrum renown to some alts in my main account and do some prestige quests that still revolve around Lakrum and every time I tried to change character the pin was there, yesterday I got the pin bug 5 times before I could do the whole account.

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