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I came back to the game after a long time, my characters have physical attack=0

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After downloading the game after several years and entering I see that all my characters have generic names (numbers) I do not care about this I have a change ticket name and appearance (I already used them) everything perfect but when I go to my stat I see that in physical damage it is of 0, this in my gladiator LVL 66, when creating a new warrior character it already has physical damage of 350: /.

Is it a bug in the game for returning users?

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The name change was due to a server merge you missed. There will be name change ticket waiting in your inventory  on each character.

You have to level you characters to level 80. You stats will correct themselves along the way.

There should be some campaign quests waiting for you.

The quickest way to level is to do the dark blue quests on the map, in particular the ones from the shugos that give you starter gear in exchange for hard acorns.

All your old gear will be useless merchant it. Use the gear from the shugos and other quests until you hit level 80 then start gathering experience marks and use those to buy good gear.


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